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Examine the literary construct of having a frame story (a story made up of stories) such as we see in The Decameron. Explain in your own words, what would be the author’s motive in doing so, instead of writing a book consisting simply of the one hundred stories?PLEASE DO NOT REFERENCE OUTSIDE SOURCES (GOOGLE, WiKi, etc) FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT. DRAW SPECIFICALLY FROM THE TEXTS.Please be sure to post at least 150 words for your response. BookRead the introduction to Day The First (“Here beginneth the first day of the Decameron”), The First Story (Search for “The First Story” in your browser) of Day The First in The Decameron of Giovanni Boccaccio, translated by John Payne, and then the below overview of this week’s topic.Boccaccio wrote The Decameron in the everyday language of his fellow Italians, and this became the foundation on which later Renaissance writers built their ideas about social and cultural progression. Such writing made his work accessible to many, as opposed to a learned few. This populism became the basis for his connection to humanism, a belief that human beings have been given their gifts from God to use to their fullest, and not to submit blindly to the will of kings or the church. As the world transformed toward modernity, there was a level of distrust in social and religious conformity, and Boccaccio’s writings reflect this distrust.The Decameron at its core is a story about escapism (literal and figurative), and the tales within offered a distraction from the harsh reality of existence, which was ever-present as the Black Plague that was ravaging Europe at the time Boccaccio composed the work. Boccaccio used not only the tragedy of disease and death but also the thrill of sex and desire to make an impact. The stories in The Decameron are not all uplifting, but they did offer his readers an alternative, allowing people to vicariously and cathartically cope with the realities of their lives.We must also note the not-so-subtle criticism of the Catholic church in the First Story of Day the First. Boccaccio could evade direct censure by presenting the stories within a story (known in literature as a “frame story”), but the reality of the age was that the church was fractured, with the title of Holy Roman Emperor bestowed not upon one royal lineage, but on kings who showed the greatest deference to the papacy. The common people generally distrusted the church, because the clergy was evidently corrupt, showing holy favor to the wealthy in exchange for monetary support.

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