The Sunrise Model

This essay must explain the history/background of ‘the sunrise model’ and give a full description of each of the modes and their application. Just ‘naming’ the modes is not sufficient and no examples of the modes are to be included. 

The Transcultural Model developed by Madeleine Leiniger and her experience in the 1950s as a psychiatric nurse working with disturbed children led her to develop a nursing theory, Cultural Care Diversity and Universality. The Leininger ‘Sunrise’ model focuses on culture and humanistic care as essential components of all societies. The Leininger model contains three (3) main intervention strategies or approaches (listed below). The goal is that the nurse will be continuously mindful of these three interventional strategies and apply them in patient care settings often when, and where appropriate. 

The three intervention strategies from the model are: 

1.  Cultural Care Preservation/maintenance

(support / reaffirm patient cultural preference / the situation may remain the same / document the cultural support afforded the patient). 

2.  Cultural CareAccommodation/negotiation

(support / reaffirm patient cultural preference but compromise must occur / document the agreed-on compromise). 

3. Cultural Care Re-patterning/restructuring

(support / but a patient behavioral change needs to occur / document the changed behavior/intended outcome. Note, ‘teaching’ is not enough. The nurse needs to identify the outcome of the teaching provided / did change occur).

There is a minimum of 2 required citations. More are encouraged if needed. Out of the 2 required sources, there is at least one relevant scholarly reference/citation from a peer-reviewed journal.

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