The Self: A Sociological Analysis of Symbolic Interactionism

 This is a ~theory paper~ . I will attach comprehensive guidelines to follow. When using real-life examples, you can do any of your own or your imagination. All the teacher knows about me is that Im a 24 year old latina female student with no accent and fluent in english. This is the course textbook as pdf.

make sure to use ASA citation style, its very important.

Focus on information from chapter 9.
Symbolic Interactionism is different from symbolic interaction*
 I will attach key terms from that chapter as well for reference of what was covered in chapter. any questions please text/call/email.
!!You can pick different title or subject to cover as long as its from that chapter, whatever makes it easier to write!!
Please read carefully the final paper instructions i have attached and thank you so much for doing this!

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