The role of revolution and liberty in the democracy of the Roman republic

1st: Please verse yourself in the history of the Roman republic and democracy (demokratia) and the role of liberty and revolution 

( early Rome started as a monarchy, then a aristocracy and then a democracy… etc) mixed regime typeWriting instructions:

– 2 page single spaced 

– Cite courses like this (3b, 53-57) in paranthesis

– Additionally include an appendix listing relevant sources you were able to find on a topic. 

– Put an asterisk on the sources you find are most important

– Whats your argument? 

What role did Revolution and liberty play in the democracy of the early Roman republic? 

Argument: revolutions and the role of liberty played a vital role in the development of democracy in the early Roman republic. 

Revolts between the patricians and plebeians often erupted violently which stirred conflict.

Polybius argues that revolutions ultimately led to the development of a more inclusive political system that granted the plebeians more representation and rights. (9a, 230-235)

Will include a bonus if written well!

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