The Remote Workplace

  • Prepare a research paper on the Remote workplace.
  •  Reference page must have 5 references in APA format. 2 provided and 3 web
  • Reference one and reference two are listed below for use. 
  • Summarize your understanding of the topic. Address 3 findings of the topic. 
  • Address the positive and negative sides of the topic. Sentences are structured &   clear.
  •  Communicate a significant degree of understanding & appreciation of the topic. 
  • Analyze alternative points of view and draw important conclusion. 
  • Include at least one citation from the references. (Use APA format) 5 citations
  • No direct quotes
  • Times New Roman 12pt. font, double spacing, 5 pages, 1″ margins, 
  • Documents must have a Title page, Abstract page, The paper 5 pages, a reference page, and a paper outline. 

Reference provided to use 

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