The Nickel Boys

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The Nickel Boys-Novel

Prologue, Chapters 1-3

500-700 words

Double space

Times New Roman

Submit by 4/9/12

#1: Choose 3 adjectives to describe Elwood and discuss 3 specific episodes from the prologue and chapters 1-3 to support your choices. I will need a plagiarism report from you to make sure that there is no outside sources that weren’t cited in the essay itself.

Despite the fact that you are writing in support of a rather directed prompt above and including quotations *(I’m always looking for those!), please do so in the exploratory response essay style. As always, I hoping to hear your true, personal reactions to the text! This novel was a huge critical success and there are plenty of study guides out there (not to mention the AI resources out there). If you do consult and use outside resources it’s your responsibility to cite them in MLA format correctly. I need to be able to edit the document you give, I recommend using Microsoft Word or Google Drive. I will need a “Works Cited” page on a separate sheet of paper in MLA format with all the sources you used weather it was the source I provided for you or outside sources you used to get more information about the analysis of the text. Reminder: Plagarism report is required, please use the Turnitin database to put in the assignment when finished. I need the assignment and the plagarism report on April 9th, 2023. This is an exploratory essay so write accordingly please.The link to The Nickel Boys:

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