“The Meaning of Life”, Richard Taylor

Sources: You should use class readings and notes but no outside resources need to be consulted for this essay. This is not a research paper; rather, it’s your best interpretation of a philosophical text, discussed in your own words. Cite page numbers for all direct quotes from the reading(s). 2) In “The Meaning of Life”(Attached File), Richard Taylor argues that even though human existence is objectively meaningless, we can find meaning within our lives. Susan Wolf agrees, but she has a very different view about what is needed for meaning to exist within one’s life. For example, according to Taylor, if Sisyphus has a desire or finds it satisfying to roll stones up the hill, that is enough to create meaning within his life. According to Wolf, it is not. First: compare and contrast Taylor and Wolf’s views about the sources of meaning within one’s life. That is, briefly explain the view of each philosopher about the sources of meaning within life in your own words, being sure to bring out the important differences in their accounts. Then: discuss which theorist do you agree with (if you agree with either)? Why? Defend your assessment of these views as thoroughly as you can.

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