The impact of emotional intelligence in business management – success or failure?

title: The impact of emotional intelligence in business management – success or failure? 

The assignment was already written but need to be rewrite following the feedback given on the attached paper. 

assignment brief:

Using the comments and feedback from the previous attempt, you are required to prepare a 8,000-word dissertation with significant implications in any business and management disciplines. The dissertation should be ordered in chapters and the number of chapters and their sequence may vary depending on, among other things, the aim and objectives of the dissertation. One chapter will focus on a critical review literature relating to your project chosen topic and research question(s) and another on the methodology. A chapter will be devoted to your findings/results, analysis and discussion. The final chapter should provide your conclusions, implications, and recommendations, including evidence on how the dissertation aim and objectives have been achieved and/or hypothesis confirmed or disproved, possibly with suggestions of the direction of future research on the area. You are also required to provide a statement of changes explaining the changes you have made to the original submission. Other details relating to the dissertation handbook available on moodle. 

Referencing requirements All work should be referenced using the Harvard format – there are handouts available online at the library website and are available as hard copy in the library if you are unsure of this. – Exercise caution when using Wikipedia, Google or Yahoo – the former is not peer assessed and the work is not always reliable and the later are search engines. Do not rely too heavily or exclusively on such sources. – 

Use textbooks and journal articles (newspaper articles may at times be acceptable). You should however, make more reliance on journal articles as these are peer reviewed and are often more recent than text books. If you are to use textbooks, these should be the latest so it is important to check whether you have the latest edition. Citations should be used very minimally and in limited circumstances, you may reference lecture material such as handouts and presentation slides.

p.s: carefully read and download all the attached files. they are all important.

you might need to made up one or two interview transcript with netflix representative managers for qualitative research methods.

i have attached dissertation example/sample, and proposal example/sample to guide you.

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