The creation of instiutions


Institutions are social arrangements that channel behavior in prescribed ways in the important areas of social life. The five most basic institutions in American society are the family, education, religion, politics, and the economy. There are other social institutions on the institutions chart. The 3 identifying points about social institutions are: 1. Common norms and values; 2. A system of relationships; and 3. Common procedures. Using a Sociological perspective, you will explain the influences of various social institutions in this assignment. The Creation of Institutions Exercise In 2022, a group of concerned scientists from many fields concluded that within 10 years the earth would be destroyed by nuclear war. They agreed that they wanted the human race to continue, and so they identified a planet 300 light years away as a suitable home for a colony. The physicists, mathematicians, engineers, and chemists went to work designing a space vessel to carry the colony to its new home. The physiologists, biologists, geneticists, psychologists, and Sociologists selected 2,500 human children (50% male, 50% female) from all over the world. The children were tested to determine that they were healthy, of average intelligence, and showed no personality abnormalities or antisocial tendencies. In order to maintain flexibility in the colony’s social organization, the scientists had the children raised in a fairly neutral environment. They were well educated but not socialized to believe strongly in any particular value system or ideology. They should not be thought of as blank slates or robots, but rather as people aware of many different forms of human social institutions. The colonists were placed in life support capsules on the spaceship. These capsules were designed to slow body processes so that at the end of the journey, they were still only 20 to 30 years old. Since the scientists back on Earth were from many different cultures, they could not agree on what form the social institutions in the new colony should take. Therefore, they decided to leave it up to the colonists themselves. Seven of the capsules were designed to awaken their occupants as soon as the ship landed. These seven individuals would be responsible 2 for outlining a social system and incorporating all of the other colonists into the new society. The ship landed on a portion of the planet which looked very much like Western Oregon. It was green, slightly wet, and had an abundance of natural resources. Food supplies on the ship were adequate for about a 12-month period and the storage compartments contained many products of human culture, including tools and books. Your assignment is to set up a society with any form of social institutions you can devise. You are among the seven individuals awoken first. The prime criterion is that your institutions should be functional and result in a permanent colony. Remember the idea that institutions will emerge if you begin with the basic problem of social needs and search for ways of fulfilling those needs. Use the basic needs lines on the social institutions chart. You need only to create the social institutions you think are essential for the survival of the colony, however, you must create at least 3 social institutions. Name each (3) institution you have created – then describe it briefly. (The social institutions you create could be from the chart or not.) Write up a 20-line description of ALL of the social institutions you have formed. (Your paper can be more than 20- lines in length – the minimum equals 20-lines.) You will lose points if it is not 20-lines. 1-inch margins: left, right and top. Little extra white space (no extra blank lines). Not all CAPS! Be organized. Plan ahead. Look at the lecture document: “Institutions Chart.” Required Instructions: At least 20-lines. 11 or 12 Size Font 1-inch margins: top, left, right (I measure with a ruler.) Double-spaced No extra white spaces between lines or paragraphs No title No title-page Across top of page: Your Name, This Class, Then start your paper.

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