The benefits of using embryonic stem cells in patients with spinal cord injury


1. You must write an outline that provides the overall structure and brief summarized details for your written draft of the research paper. 

2. Please look at the documents about outlines in the group page for your lab section. These documents provide examples of what your outline should look like when you submit it to me.

3. To be more detailed in my response, your outline will summarize what you intend to discuss from your references/sources. Your outline should show the overall idea of your introduction paragraph, main body paragraphs, and conclusion paragraph.

 4. Your introduction paragraph should include specifics about the type of background information you will present to the reader (me) that will be important for understanding the rest of the paper. 

5. You should also have a thesis statement for your paper. This thesis captures the whole idea of your paper in one or two sentences.

The main body paragraphs are the most important parts in your paper because they are the paragraphs where you will be describing the research (experiments/studies) from your chosen references. 

6. In the outline, you should provide details about type of data and findings you will be discussing in your written draft. 

7. The conclusion paragraph will include a brief summary of your major points and future directions of the research you just described. 

Ultimately, this means that you should be reading your references at this time and trying to understand them. This step is important because it will let me know how much you understand about your topic before your first draft is due (and your first draft is worth a lot of points). This will also force you to work on understanding the topic and begin thinking about the overall organization and flow of your written draft right now so you are not struggling to write your draft later in the semester.

8. Your outline will have sentences describing each of these sections. Again, look at the example outline provided for you. For your convenience, I have attached the example outline to this message so you can look at it as soon as possible for ideas.

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