The American Dream


First Major Paper: Analytical Essay Write a 6 page analysis on the topic of the American Dream using all the materials we have covered in class to good effect in construting your arguments. Suggested topics are 1. Is the American Dream dead? 2. The American Dream has evolved over the past 100 or so years we have been using the term. 3. Republicans approach the American Dream differently in their campaigns than do the Democrats. Who has the better claim? 4, The American Dream: Alive and well, changed over time, or nonger attainable? 5. The American Dream is alive and well and attainable by anyone through hard work. 6,. Or a topic of your choosing on the American Dream, just run it by me first. It must be an analytical essay, though.. Use at least 3 sources to analyze. Extra points if you use more appropriately. We wiill go over thesis and topic sentences and create an outline for your papers during future classes. This will count as an interim assignment and will be graded. Due October 16. Times New Roman 12 pt, double spaced, submitted as a .doc, pdf, or jpeg (I strongly discourage the last). Submit as an attachment. Do not paste to the text or comment boxes. I will not accept it. Worth 15 points of your final grade.

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