the 2010 film The King’s Speech

Communication 2010 – Oral Communication in the WorkplaceFinal Exam Movie Analysis Booklet Using the chapters covered in our textbook (Staley, 2020), identify TWENTY (20) terms/concepts that you can see illustrated in the 2010 film The King’s Speech. Write the scene, character interaction, etc., and link it to a specific concept from the text. To maximize your score you should be comprehensive, detailed, and clear in your responses. Each paragraph should include a detailed description of a particular scene (1pt), an application of a specific term/concept from the textbook (1pt), followed by a direct quote from the book to define the term (1pt), as well as a proper APA in-text citation (1pt). Each term/concept applied should be bolded for emphasis. Please support your application by elaborating on why that term/concept best applies (1pt). Each paragraph is worth 5 points. There are no wrong answers, just answers that lack support, detail, sufficient information, or proper format.   

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