Testing Plan Presentation

What I want is a short (10 minute or so) presentation on your progress and your testing plan. Each group member is responsible for creating and completing a test that measures some performance characteristic of your prototype. Ideally, these tests measure your device against your design specifications, but that may not be possible in each case. For the presentation, I want to see the description of the test, the performance variable being measured, the timeline for completion, and the equipment needed to perform the test. These test probably need to be non-destructive as you only have the one prototype. Examples could be measuring the thrust generated by the paddle board accessory, the time to get the trampoline stabilization device in place, the ability for the pot attachment to measure accurate temperatures, and the stability of the crane device. These are just examples though. Each group member needs to be responsible for their own test.

IT is something like:

– How long does it take to charge the battery?

– How long does the battery remain charged when in use?

– Measuring the thrust generated by the paddle board accessory.

Only one test plan.

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