Telemedicine questions

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Respond to the questions below and submit via the assignment link below.1.    The nurses at Falmouth Hospital have requested that Partners let them use the TeleStroke platform to participate in other forms of emergency telemedicine—starting, perhaps, with critical-care pediatrics. How should Shawn Farrell respond to this request?2.    What were the advantages of the American Well marketplace for patients? What were the advantages of the American Well marketplace for physicians? 3.    Imagine you are part of the American Well management team. Which opportunity would you recommend, and why, among the other market opportunities (e.g. hospitals, retail clinics, etc.) American Well was considering?4.    What technical (digital) resources and organizational resources did the TeleStroke Hubs (MGH and the Brigham) need to acquire, develop, or modify in order to successfully offer real-time TeleStroke consultation service?Responses should be two-five pages, double spaced, Chicago style, and are due prior to the corresponding Module’s live session.Before submitting your assignment, be sure to review the rubric for a complete grading breakdown.
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