Tech Presentation

Create a brief PowerPoint slide deck for your presentation. Guidelines include 

– Build 5 to 8 slides including a title slide with your name and a reference slide at the end which includes a link to your cited article and any other sources used. 

– Make and use a custom PPT template (for all slides) which includes your name and the presentation date. 

-Create consistent, professional slides with readable colors, representative pictures or figures (at least two), and no misspellings, incorrect grammar, or inconsistent capitalization.

Select a relevant topic. It must be related to information technology use in business, be from a reputable, journalistic source, and be current (published June 1, 2022 or later). Do not select a tutorial-type topic (e.g., do not give an introduction to blockchain). Blogs, press releases, company websites, or YouTube videos are not substitutes for articles in traditional, mainstream business media. 

Some suggested resources which may be useful in your research are:, Fortune, InformationWeek, Computerworld, CNET, InfoWorld, Wired, WSJ (and many others). 

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