Target Market Assignment

Directions: At the bottom of this page you will find the link to a recent television commercial. Maybe you remember seeing it on TV or online. Watch the ad multiple times to really get the feel for it. You will use this commercial as the basis of this assignment. 

You will choose one of each of the following and explain how it helps you understand the target market:

1. A sound or musical score 

2. A quote, either written on the screen during the ad or said by someone narrating the ad

3. An image

For each of the above, explain how that sound, quote, and image help you to understand the target for the ad.

For example:

Sound or Music: listen to the music in the ad (or other sounds) and think about why that particular music (sound) was chosen. Describe the sound or music. If it is music, does it have words? What do the words communicate. If it is a sound or music without words, how does that sound communicate something to the target market? 

A Quote: Listen to the voice over in the ad, are any specific benefits described about the vehicle and who would those benefits appeal to, in your opinion? Are any words displayed on the screen during the ad and why were those particular words chosen? Write out the words and put in quotation marks and explain the significance to the target market. 

An Image: Look at the people (gender, race, age) and other images in the ad and think about why those images are appealing to a certain audience. 

While you describe the target market be sure to include the segment criteria we learned in module 7: 

Demographic: What is the age, income, education level, gender, ethnicity, stage in the family life cycle, etc. of the target market? 

Geographic: Does this ad target an urban audience, a suburban audience or folks who live in more rural areas? 

Benefit: What benefits does the ad specifically state or imply? Why would the target market you have identified be attracted to these benefits? 

Psychographic: Describe your perception of the personality, values, and interests of this target market.

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