Sustainability and implications of culture of Female circumsition in Nigeria.

topic choosen should be related to any of the issues, problem listed , described in the syllabus. on the basis of there own research, students are free to choose literature which is not included in the seminar outline . Stucture of the paper :topic choosen please formulate a specific research question that you would like e to answer in your paper. you should present a clear research question and then in the paper to answer it. structure your argunment in a coherent way- follow a coherent,logical structure according to the literature and topic under disussion . make a conclusion: shortly summarize your essential argument, the answers to your research question and draw a conclusion.

is expected to have no more than 4000 words.the paper should be based on specific documentation that should be reflected adequately in the citation. student must follow an established style of citation (whether MLA,Harvard refering or other) and should be consistent in its application in the papaer .

1. international relations in the age of globalization. 2.Geopolitical changes: implications for cultural identity and intercultural relations 3. challenges of cultural diplomacy in the New Geopolitical environment 4. cultural diplomacy in the 21st centurary: tool of soft power or vechile for global dialogue? – the question of the paradigm. 5. Dilemmata of cultural Diplomacy and guildlines for future best practices. 6. Cultural Diplomacy in the internet age: the role of the new social media.

but i was thinking of writing on Sustainability and implications of culture of Female circumsition in Nigeria.

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