Summative Assessment One – Showcase e-Portfolio

Your task will be to take your e-Portfolio content from the 7 weeks of the course and convert this into a narrated presentation with a reflective element – it is recommended that you use PowerPoint to do this (details of how to do this are referenced below but you may also wish to use Canvas Studio or Loom)In doing so you will produce a 5-minute (c 700 words (1min = 140 words)) recorded presentation (plus a transcript of the content in pdf format) summarising your ePortfolio work over the 7 weeks that appraises:The most significant things you have learnt about the module.What you have changed or intend to change about your own practice.You may draw from a selection of your e-Portfolio content but you should reference 1 item from each week of the module – so for example, in week 1 the topics were systems theory and change management – you could select one of these topics to be included in your reflective piece. You may wish to include diagrams and/or models included in the module to support your assignment submission.As a guide, your presentation could include, but is not limited to: -An opening slide to introduce yourself, your company and your role.A selection of slides to highlight your key learning points for each week on a reflective basis (see rubric below).Captured content from your e-portfolio discussions or exercises and how you may utilise the learning in your future role or within the organisation.A summary of how the module has changed your thinking and/or actions.A final slide could include (but does not need to be narrated) a list of key references or links as necessary.You should use narrated slides (such as in PowerPoint) or a video. Details on how to use PowerPoint for narration are available at the following linkLinks to an external site..Marks will be given for the quality of the content as well as the quality of the presentation itself.     

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