Summative Assessment: Employee Performance Appraisals

Exam Content

In an employee’s annual performance review, there are expectations to meet the performance standard, and then there are standards for achieving excellence. However, employee-friendly policies and work arrangements can have unforeseen effects on performance expected by supervisors and managers.

Consider the following scenario:

You are a human resource manager who has been asked by senior leadership to research, analyze, and propose various flexible work arrangements suitable for your organizational staff.

Write a 750- to 1,000-word proposal in Microsoft Word. Complete the following in your proposal:

Describe flexible work arrangements based on your research and analyses.

Identify the pros and cons of these arrangements and their potential impact on employees’ performance appraisal process.

Recommend best practices that supervisors or managers can use to mitigate any negative impacts of these situations.

Cite scholarly sources to support your assignment. Scholarly sources are publications from professional organizations that are written by academics or other experts which contribute to knowledge in a particular field. Peer-reviewed sources are the best reference.

Format your proposal according to APA guidelines.

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