Substance abuse- opioids


Describe how the level of functioning in different domains is affected when an individual is diagnosed with the condition. Address (if at all) how this diagnosis has the potential to affect clients’:

Physical Functioning

Cognitive Functioning

Social Functioning

Emotional Functioning

Describe how the condition might affect the client’s independence in important life activities such as work/school, ability to self-manage their condition, and their leisure and community involvement.

Note whether this impact will be lifelong/chronic or if the effect of this condition is limited to only a portion of the client’s lifespan.


Part II should be approximately two pages in length

Include at least THREE evidence-based sources in this section (i.e. peer-reviewed journal articles, textbooks, etc.)

Each area of functioning (physical, cognitive, social, emotion) should be a separate paragraph and include at least one source. Even if one of these domains is not impacted by the diagnosis, it still needs to be stated and cited.

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