strategic business plan

Snap Café Task 1: Strategic planning Company’s background and history This is a food truck with varieties of burgers, loaded fries, and juices. the company is going to be started in the year 2021 in beachside in Calicut district in the state of Kerala. it is the native place of wide varieties of food culture. the city is known for its food lovers with traditional and western food culture. The cafe will be in a food truck, so it can be moved to the crowd area or site of festivals. Mission Our mission is to give our customers a four-star cuisine at the best quality at an economical price to make a special moment memorable in their beautiful life, Also to create a different ambiance with a natural view of sunset and music with our delicious burger and juices. Vision “Eat different, Stay healthy” Respect for diverse cultures. In this century of rapid growth in the food varieties, we hope to give our customers good quality and organic food that will give them satisfaction. We will use organic ingredients for the all snacks. Goals and objective Long term Goals – Survival, Growth, profit. Business expansion goals 1.opening another food truck in 2 to 3 years. 2. starting a sit-down restaurant Short term goals 1. Health Inspection Goals- I will create a list for the health standards for the products and check every day everything is perfect. 2. Hiring a manager- manager will look after the day-to-day tasks and owner can look into other aspects of business. 3. Employee development – by giving proper training, it would give result in a good customer service and quality client interactions. Objective Serving best quality at affordable prices- locally grown food includes offering fresh produce and meats that taste better than food that previously was frozen, the meals you serve will be healthier for your customers and you will be helping local, small farmers stay in business. Focusing on atmosphere and ambience – The right atmosphere leaves guests feeling relaxed throughout their meal and lends itself to generating repeat is the reason why we set our food truck near the beachside so that the customers can see view of sunset. Knowing target market- there is a huge crowd on the beachside all day, so we have wide customers from all near places. We target them it includes all age groups. There is will also a kid meal with a toy. Company Size Our firm is micro business with 6 workers and the owners. we expected on annual turnover of 3 million rupees ($42,000). Growth Acquisition or merging with other companies- the café is willing to merge with just loaf café to achieve the higher heights. Growth through diversification- creating new products and sell in new markets Growth through customer satisfaction with high quality. Industry Trend: B2C the industry trend is business to customers, where we sell goods to customers directly or through delivery. we are looking forward to taking small catering services for events such as birthday parties, etc… Customers the cafes targeted customers are coming to the beach to enjoy the view. many people like the different styles of cuisine, the target is all age groups because we provide healthy evening snacks. Task 2: Formulating the strategy Competition SWOT ANALYSIS Strength  Fresh organic food line and gluten free.  biodegradable burger boxes and juice glasses for taking away and delivery.  Atmosphere and Ambiance.  Hygiene foods and quick services.  Four-star food quality served at affordable price.  Wide varieties of food culture. Weakness  Low marketing budget  Limited fund available  Cost rising due to increases in food cost  Lack of managerial expertise Opportunities  Attending local events and festivals and national events.  New products and services that can be retailed in cafés.  Easy distribution.  Availability of new technologies lead to quick serving.  Advertising technology.  Increasing trends in fitness and health trends. Threats  Parking regulations.  Wants varying food on day-to-day basis.  Changes Cooking technology.  Competition with similar food providers and restaurants in the city. Macro-environment POLITICAL Government across the country charges only 5% Gross sales tax in the food industry. the government is very supportive of startups and does not have many trade restrictions. people can easily get loans sanctioned for business. government provide subsidies and schemes for business. ECONOMIC if the inflation rate increases the price of ingredients it will result in menu prices. which will lead to lose customers. In India, unemployment is high level which mean there is greater supply of jobs than demand, so people are willing to work at a lower wages.80% of supplies is from local and regional part of state and to support local farmers. SOCIAL Age Distribution, we target all age groups because our food is fresh healthy for children and aged people. Tastes and preferences, people in Kerala prefer beef over chicken on meals. For beef lover’s café have signature white bull. TECHNOLOGICAL 1. Improve in production process or business models. 2. New ways of business transactions. 3. New machinery for quick services and cooking facilities. 4. Accounting software for easy business analytics 5. Digital marketing to new people and market. ENVIRONMENT burger boxes are made from eco-friendly sugarcane bagasse, which is biodegradable and compostable material produced after the juice extraction. usage of solar energy can reduce carbon footprints, for refrigerators and lights, etc.. the food waste will decompose properly through waste management. 3- Corporate governance Total 5 workers – 2 stewards, 2 chefs, and driver. Type of company Limited partnership – 5 owners, each are allotted each department Name of the owners – Nafih, Ahamed, Nashid, Shahbaz, Arif TASK 3: Approaches to Strategy and Selection Expansion strategies New line production Café like to introduce different varieties in burgers, beverages, and side dishes Burgers – BBQ beef burgers and heavy volcano cheeseburgers Beverages – Monster shakes (KitKat, Nutella, Ferrero Rocher), Nutella mud (Nutella cookies, chocolate, Ice cream), Popcorn shakes, Crusher, and mojitos. Side dishes – Buffalo wings, lotus Bischof, French toast. Cater to the events starting catering services will open new opportunities. building the relationship with other business and providing food to luncheons, events, and corporate gatherings Merge or Acquisition. Snap café are willing to merge with just loaf located in flea market. It is a proven startup by has wide range of food varieties. By merging with loaf we could get into the foreign market in middle east and can have tough competition with other cafes. Expanding to new territories, café want to open their business in last exit Dubai, hudariyat beach for this expansion cafe would follow organic line of production. We prefer quality not on high quantity. Organic Line Café ensure that all products bought on daily based not rather keeping it in freezer, snap café prefer the customers enjoy the snacks as prepared freshly and organic line products. TASK 4: IMPLEMENTING THE CHOSEN STRATEGY Human resource In India, the unemployment rate is 9.71% in the year 2019.there are many qualified individuals in the state without a people are willing to work at a lower wage or salary. Estimating manpower requirements- café needs only two chefs, two stewards, with a specific skill set. Selection: From all applicants, the company tends to choose the best among the the selection, the café prefers to take the trade test to measure the existing skillset. Medical examination: the selected candidates go under a test before job offer to ensure they are healthy and fit. Motivation: when the targets are achieved the employees the rewarded financial incentives as well as non-financial incentives. Financial incentives can bonus, profit sharing, etc. SALARY Steward – 15000 rupees/ month ($210) Chef – 20000 rupees/ month ($290) Chief chef – 30000 rupees/ month ($430) Financial resources Capital is divided into 100,000 thousand share value. The minimum share is 100,000 rupees. estimated total capital is 2,000,000 million. if equally shared then each partner is accountable for 400,000 thousand. partners are willing to borrow from parents and friends for the business and return with small profit percentage. Estimation Purchasing a food truck 900,000 Retrofitting & bringing truck to code 100,000 Generator 250,000 POS software and hardware 100,000 Truck design 75,000 Initial food purchase 50000 Utensils, papers and goods 100,000 Advertising 20,000 Payroll 80,000 Fuel 12000 Insurance 3000 Permit and location 35,000 Total estimation 2,000,000 Rupees Assets Amount Liabilities and capital Amount Current Assets Cash Bank Inventory Fixed Asset Generator Kitchen equipment truck 100,000 1,400,000 50,000 250,000 100,000 900,000 2,000,000 Capital Owner’s fund 2,000,000 2,000,000 Balance sheet Material resources All materials are purchased based on quality. cafe will be using recyclable burger boxes and glasses to protect the environment. meat and vegetables will brought from local organic market. 

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