Stock Market Project

 Personal Finance & Money Mgmt (BNF-102-098WB) Stock Market — Project due on 3/13 Case Project #2 – Evaluating A Corporate Stock  The purpose of Project #2 is to get students acquainted with researching and investing in common stocks. Specifically, you must decide whether you will invest in one of the four leading companies listed below — after you study and respond to the questions below. There is no perfectly right or wrong answer for this Project. There is lots of room for judgment and opinion. However, you must back up your decision to invest or not invest in one of the 4 companies listed below by using specific facts.  First, you need to review the 4 stocks below, and then choose one (1) of them for your project:  Tesla, Microsoft, Bank of America, or Alibaba.  You can only use 1 of these 4 company’s stocks for this project.  Also, NO other stocks can be used.  After you choose 1 stock, you must then study it, check it out in detail, and answer each of the 10 questions below in your paper. Do not skip any questions. Be as complete as possible.  Write your paper following the outline below, numbering each answer. There is NO NEED to write the question.  Introductory Questions 1. Note the full name and headquarters address of the company.  2. Indicate which stock exchange its stock is traded on.  3. Indicate the stock trading symbol (letters) for its stock  4. State what kind of products or services this company produces or provides.  Financial Questions  5. Indicate the company’s Annual Sales for the past 5 years. Be very careful to indicate whether the sales are in billions, millions or thousands of dollars.  6. Indicate the company’s Annual Per Share Earnings for the past 5 years. Are these earnings increasing or decreasing? By how much?  7. Does it pay a dividend? If so how much per quarter & per year?  Stock Trading Data For Question #8: You MUST use the ACTUAL STOCK PRICING from the close of the Stock Market as published on Monday, January 23rd. Please, everyone use this SAME DATE. Show your stock’s closing price, and 52-week data for the Market close on Monday, January 23rd. Only the price on this date is acceptable.  8. Indicate the company’s current stock price, and its 52 week high & 52 week low stock price – as of 01/23/2023.  9. Based on your findings, what is your target market price for your stock in five years? Briefly support your prediction for that target price.  10. Will YOU invest Your Own Money In This Stock?After you collect all of the above data, and the trends and analyst’s opinions for your one stock, you should have a pretty good idea how it is doing in terms of its current situation, as well as its future prospects vs. its competitors.Now you must indicate if you will, or will not, invest your own savings in this particular company’s stock. The reasons you give for why you will or will not invest your savings in this stock are the most important part of this Project!  Format Directions1. Papers will probably be about one or two pages in length. Do NOT write longer papers.  2. Number each paragraph to match questions 1 – 10 that you will be answering.  3. Type your paper using 12 point size type  4. Excellent, clear writing is required.

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