Statistical and Macroeconomical Report

Case: Consumer Durables Focus

There is a 10 page Case report that our group has to do. BUT my role is the ANALYSIS page.

Analyses ( 2-4 pages – Usually based on exhibits and depends on case)  

There are three types of Analysis Neeed for this Case. However I will be asking for two (2) ONLY


  • I have provided the all the files related for this case on Consumer Durables Focus files
  • A sample report is provided to give you idea how a full report looks like, HOWEVER, only focus on the Analysis Page/Section (Macroeconmics was not provided on this sample report)
  • Please refer to Writing Guidelines-1.pptx (Financial – Statistical – Economical ANALYSES page) for guidelines for Analysis report
  • EXHIBITS – basically pictutes that must show how you got the answer, other examples are like Graphs, histrogram (ALSO check the Sample Report for other examples of EXHIBITS )
  • Case 1 RUBRIC is provided for grading guidelines 
  • Only for Country B (spreadsheet)   

 CONSUMER DURABLES FOCUS – QUESTIONS / WITH ANSWERS are there to help and guide making the report for the Analysis section

Answers for the case question MAY NOT BE FINAL/CORRECT

I have made notes for what the professor told us about this case specifically the ANALYSIS Section and should be discussed on the final report:


  1. Reference/lead into analyses 
  2. Discuss results Conclude + connect results 
  3.  Connection of the macroeconomic matters 


  1. (descriptive statistics)
  2. Infrential Statistics (hypothesis) reject or failed 
  3. Explain exhibits One tail test (higher or lower) Z table 30 or more
  4.  Reference/lead into analyses
  5.  Discuss results Conclude + connect results  

If any questions please let me know and I will get back to you ASAP. Thank you

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