Statistic Lab Report

Your FINAL Lab will have the following Submitted:

 In ONE Document that is APA formatted you will submit a:

 Title Page (create your own title), 

Abstract (based on the brief information you have on the study, 

your literature review,

 and data analysis you completed – 

be sure to include keywords), Study Introduction (a paragraph that discusses what the research scale examined) Literature Review of TWO Articles – ONE will be given to you and you will obtain a second article by doing a search.

Results Section – that provides the answer to the above questions. Discussion & Conclusion – briefly discuss any conclusions you can make about the data you analyzed. Reference Page After the Reference Page you will have a FIGURE that you generated from your excel sheet provided (be sure to use APA Style in presenting this figure) Your EXPORTED DATA ANALYSIS PDF. 

there might be a couple of files doubled


oct. 4th class

Lab 1 intro 

Class 30th intro  

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