State, megaprojects and ways of political assimilation: a critical review

State, megaprojects and ways of political assimilation: a critical review

This paper focus on state policies that how state authorities use mega development projects for example road constructions, seaport constructions, irrigation system etc to politically integrate and assimilate a politically disintegrated and culturally distinct group of people in a country.

We can see a lot of examples, state authorities especially central state authorities usually use development projects as tool to integrate different parts of the federation. They use such projects to politically and culturally assimilate distinct groups to the mainstream national culture.

We need literature from different parts of the world. Examples can be taken from different parts of the world (China should not be included).

In the introduction, you will first write a comprehensive explanation on state and society relations. State mean a politically integrated unite consist of different provinces and sub-states. In such provinces and sub-states, different groups are there that usually culturally different from other groups in other districts and provinces. Such groups are usually marginalized and culturally, and politically alienated from the mainstream national culture. Sometimes such groups fight for freedom to seek independence from the country. In order to bring such group to the mainstream, the political authorities and especially central state authorities launch different development projects targeted at bringing such groups of people to the political and national mainstream. Mostly such projects are narrowly focused which mean these are only targeted to finish the political conflict which is not a good practice and not a long-term solution to the problem. Such projects also bring other negative influences. For example, it completely finish local people’s cultural identity, it negatively influences their livelihood. It makes them vulnerable to many other things such as identity crises, and incompatibility with metropolitan culture and way of life and many more problems. All such negative consequences of mega development projects are usually ignored by policymakers and state authorities because they only focus on political assimilation and they do not adopt a people-centered approach to the problem of political assimilation.

After discussing all things comprehensively in introduction then you will move to methodology.

for detail guidelines and contents of the paper please check the attached word file. 

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