BIG IMPORTANT NOTE: It’s very important to me, that you learn how to do this properly….IT COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE!   Seriously!  🙂  The Monday-Friday before the close of this assignment, you can submit your work here for your informative speech early for review — repeatedly — as many times as needed!  Not only can this help you earn 100%, but more importantly this will help you learn!   Please respect – I do not review written work over the weekend, or the day the work is due!   Work submitted Saturday through the close of the assignment on Monday, is graded in the order received, so that, people can make any needed improvements as they prepare to speak the following week!  So, if you want to take advantage of my help (5-day window of opportunity), while also doing your best to earn 100% with this assignment – plan accordingly!   Submit your work MONDAY-FRIDAY for early review.          Time management is the foundation of your success!   INFORMATIVE SPEECH WORK AND RESEARCH-7.pdf 1) 5 POINTS Submit a works cited or bibliography with 6, sources (4 must be 2018-2020).  Use easybib.com for help with this.  It makes it very easy.

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