Novel: SpeakInstructions: write a one page (5 paragraph) essay. Each paragraph should talk about the following….Paragraph 1….Speak-a young woman is sexually assaulted and stops talking. She finally steps up to save a friend from the same man who assaulted her. During the course of the novel, a variety of bullying and nurturing failures are described. This novel describes many problems in American high school culture. Does it offer any solutions, or do you have a solution for any of the problems offered? Paragraph 2…Write a paragraph about the issue of Identity in Speak: Melinda made choices; were the choices influenced by her identity, or did the choices she made influence her identity? And of course, was her identity affected by the things that happened to her.Paragraph 3…Speak- Literature: symbolism, devices, structures, archetypes: what literary analysis can you bring to the text?Write a paragraph where you discuss at least one literary feature of the novel with examples and quotes. The introduction and Conclusion paragraph as the following…Speak combination essay: you have written three paragraphs about Speak. Write an introduction and a conclusion that tie the essay all together. 

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