Sound Advisors leaderships NATIONAL Security


No cover sheet needed

The writer must adhere to all directions


The writer must have the following Books

None will be provided

This is a reflection of what was read from Chapter 1 in the Book America

Foreign Policy Toolkit Key Instiututions and Process

by Charles A. Stevenson

discuss the value of sound advisors drawing upon a historical factor.

Based on the need of the Leadership and development and trust advisors.

ISBN 978-1-60871-985-3

And Chapter 1 in the book Christ Centered Exposition Exalting Jesus in 1 & 2 Kings By Tony Merida ISBN 978-0-8054-9670-3

The writer must be READY to begin The Writer Must provide feedback and response of my concerns
The Writer Must provide a clear plagerism free Paper and Provide the Turnitin report that is ran by Safe Serve check with 15%at the most of sources utilize. The Writer must check All grammer and verbs usage.,

No Book copies axre proivided Please utilize ALL material including the PPT.

This Paper Must be on a MASTER Level and ALL Words USAGE Must be Excellant,

The Writer Must Provide A DRAFT AND THE Turnitin Report and allow me to check and make sure all directions are being


12 Fonts Times New Roman No COVER PAGE NECESSARY

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