Sophomore English – “Othello” Argumentative Essay-100 pts.

Introduction: This is your final essay for the “Othello” unit. It is worth 100 summative points. You may work on this outside of class, but you will have ample time to finish it during class time. How Brabantio even had doubt about the marriage before they even got married 

Due Date: This is due by Sunday, 4/9 at the end of class. It is due whether or not you are in school that day. You can turn it in early. If you do not turn it in on time, it will go in as a zero on skyward. If you turn it in late, the highest grade you can get is a 70%.  

Grading: You will be graded using the following rubric – “Othello” Argumentative Essay Rubric

Extra Help: You will have four class periods to work. During that time, you can receive help. You can also come to intervention. Do not wait until the last minute to complete this essay.  

Plagiarism: Please, please, please DO YOUR OWN WORK. Do not cut and paste anything from the internet. Do not share your work with anyone. Do not submit someone else’s work as your own. If you do any of those things, it will result in a zero, and it may cause you to fail English for the semester.  

Directions: Follow the steps below to complete the essay. The only thing that will be graded is the final essay. The outlines are simply to help you get organized.  

Step 1: Choose a prompt. For this essay, you have five choices for what to write about. Pick the one that you can support with evidence from the play.  

What was the most surprising event to happen in the final act?

Whose death was the most tragic?

Who is most at fault for Desdemona’s death?

Is Othello a sympathetic character (does the reader feel sorry for him)? 

Was Emilia a good friend? 

Step 2: Complete the thought process outline (OPTIONAL). This is the same outline that you completed several times throughout the semester. This will get you started and guarantee you have all of the major components of the essay.  

“Othello” Final Essay – THOUGHT PROCESS OUTLINE  

Step 3: Complete the more specif argumentative essay outline (OPTIONAL). This breaks down all of the necessary parts needed in the essay. If you do a good job on this, your essay is essentially finished. 

“Othello” Argumentative Essay Specific Outline 

Step 4: Type out your final essay. Open a google doc, make it 12 point font, Times New Roman, double spaced. Give your essay the following heading, a title, and then start typing. You will have 5 paragraphs total. Make sure you indent each paragraph. Do NOT write in 1st person. 

Abe Musa 

Mr. Smith

Sophomore English

April 9, 2023


 Begin writing your essay…

Step 5: Edit your essay. Spellcheck. Read it out loud. Have someone you respect as a writer read it and give you feedback. Look over the rubric.  

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