Social emotional abilities reading assignment

please answer the following questions use the files for reference.Watch this video and answer following questions:1. Describe how you can use the puppet skit.2. What are the keys to the teachers use of the puppet skit?3. Create a puppet script using a social-emotional skill that pre-k students must learn. questions:you do not need to cite these answers1. What are the key areas of social-emotionaldevelopment during early childhood?2. How do the key aspects of behaviorism andpsychoanalytic theory relate to the social-emotional development of young children?3. How do inborn temperamental differences,development of self-concept and self-esteem,and moral understanding relate to children’ssocial-emotional development?AWhat factorsmay contributetosocial-emotional disabilities in young children?5. What are somesignsof possible social-emotional disabilities in young children?6. What are the distinguishing features of vari-os social-emotional disabilities that mayoccur during early childhood?7. What are some methods of intervention forchildren with social-emotional disabilities?

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