Smart Selling

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PAGES: 324-326; 328; 332 and 336

Personnel selling entails interacting with customers and potential customers face to face with the goal of getting them purchase your product.Sales people are good listeners, they are in touch with customers most of the time. Sales people are the

ambassadors of the firm, they are the ears, eyes and voice of the business organization and customers. They represent

customers and the firm as they answer customers questions on a regular basis while in the field or as inside sales person in the

organization.The role of the sales person is to identify customer needs when interacting with customers and potential customers. This can be achieved when the sales person changes his role of selling to teaching. Selling and teaching enable sales people to

know customer needs and satisfy such need, this is part of market research. The selling process starts with the sales person

selling himself first and foremost, then the organization and the product and services.Understanding the principles of selling is

essential for becoming a successful sales person. The first step is to make a good personnel impression, right physical

appearance is important, dress to suite the occasion and have an understanding of the corporate culture and the personal profile of the target customer. A technical sales person should know when to appear in suite and when to appear in business casual or

technical outfit similar to those in that job. If you are calling on Home depot or a supermarket, you have to dress the part like

employees of such establishments.Sales people are suppose to know their products and services and the benefits, as well as the competitions products and services, and their benefits. The third step is to belief in your product or services.It is the duty of the sales person to find out from customers how you can improve your products benefits.It also important to know the industry and

the competition, weakness, strengths and benefits of the competitions products.It is also important to know the target market

and their profile.Adequate preparation is necessary before a presentation.Do your home work.Who are you presenting to, what is the company all about, what is important to the customer or potential customer, low price, quality, quantity,after sales service

etc. Practice in front of a mirror, would you do business with the person in the mirror? Role play with a sales friend that can

critic your introduction, presentation and closing style. Be positive and be prepared to apply adaptive sales approach if the

situationdemands. Keep good records, know why the customer buys and their buying habits.Screen and short list,makes it easier to pre-qualify potential customers. Can the customer afford your product.Good sales people make and keep appointments, are

honest, treats customers with respect without misrepresentation. Page 324-326, principles of selling and the eight step sales

call, Page 328. Successful sales people let customers do the talking and they ask the right question. What are you looking for in a test book? Questions like this enables the sales person to tailor his presentation to the answer. A good sales person does not get

discouraged by objections, he uses objections as a learning point and turns it to an advantage. Sales people must not only know how to use technology in sales, but must be up to date. It is important to offer effective and positive after sales customer

service, Page 332. It is important to develop and manage customer relationship with customers. Page 336. Team work is

necessary between the marketing department, sales and customer service departments. Each of these functional departments

should collaborate to enable outside, inside sales and customer service know what the problems each of them encounters. Team work is very vital.


1 Discuss the principles of selling.

2 Discuss the eight-step sales call.

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