significant issues on violence in nyc


ask: Using newspaper articles from the Library of Congress Newspaper Digital Collection Chronicling America « Library of Congress (, you will provide an analysis of significant issues or events within the American experience, such as slavery, women, wars, economics, riots, or courts cases, from 1777 – 1865. You will search and use at least five to seven articles documenting these issues. • Writing Task: The paper will be six to seven pages typed using Calibri or Time New Roman Font, 12 points, double-spaced, and include citations/bibliography page. The written portion consists of three parts: • Part One: Using the articles and textbook, provide at least a two-page summary of the historical event or issue. • Part Two: Using the articles, provide two pages or more analyses of how the authors of the articles wrote about the event/issue. What arguments and methods did they use to convey their narrative? Did they have a personal feeling or political leaning regarding the matter? • Part Three: In two or more pages, explain the outcome of the event/issue. Does it still impact our discourse in the U.S. today? Do you think there have been improvements in the country following this moment in history? If so, how? If not, explain. link to use is

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