Sierra Hannah verbal contract snowboard issue.

NOTE: For Essay – You will need to answer the question as to whether there is a contract. 

USE the information the requirements of a contract and they are met given the fact pattern you will be 


a. You be the jury. Do Sierra and Hannah have a contract? 

b. Discuss the applicable law(s) and then apply the law(s) to the material facts in the problem. 

    In discussing the law, describe each element of the law and the facts that apply to each element. 

ISSUE – Do Sierra and Hannah have a contract? (Other smaller issues as well that you will have to 

                uncover in fact pattern). 

RULE – Given the facts you read about in the fact pattern for the essay question AND the research you 

              have done for the week. 

           – Outline here what is necessary for there to be a valid contract. 

               A concise version of your essay here if done correctly would perfect? 

ANALYSIS – march through the application of the facts to the necessary elements of a valid contract here and explain why there is or is not a contact between Sierra and Hannah. 

CONCLUSION – Answer the question in the issue Here. 

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