Should serial killers and violent sexual predators be quarantined for life?


Title page, 4 sections with headings detailed below and a reference page are required.

Section 1: Introductory paragraph

In the first 2 paragraphs, identify the issue and all current laws and policies at both the state and federal level that apply. Then include a clear thesis statement.

Section 2: The Facts and only the Facts

 Using and citing at least 2 sources for those arguing for (proponents of) and at least 2 sources for those arguing against (opponents of) provide all of the FACTS surrounding this controversial topic. Chapter 9 focuses on the persuasiveness and credibility of sources. Make sure that you review this before selecting your sources. Depending on the topic you selected, this will take approximately 2 pages to accomplish.

Section 3: Ramifications … Is this worth fighting for?

To examine the ramifications of this issue, please answer the following questions in this section of your essay:

  1. What outcome would/could occur if the proponents get their way?
  2. What outcome would/could occur if the opponents get their way?
  3. What will happen if the status quo continues?

Please provide at least 1 paragraph for each question.

Section 4: Develop a Plan

Imagine you are responsible for delivering a persuasive presentation regarding this topic – arguing for the side of your choosing. Based on your research from section 2, please include what your main points (two to four) would be within your presentation (don’t forget to cite your sources!). Utilizing concepts from Chapter 15, define your persuasive goal, discuss who your audience would be and why, your method of arranging your persuasive presentation, your chosen delivery mode (manuscript, memorized, impromptu, or extemporaneous), if your message would be one-sided or two-sided and why, and what types of media aids you would include. Be sure to include examples and clear reasoning behind your choices. Utilize the text to support your reasoning.


The goal of this paper is for you to do outside research and build a persuasive argument based on facts and action. The length of your paper will depend upon the topic that you select as some will have a lot more information than others; however, it should be 6 pages MINIMUM (so, 8 pages total with the title page and reference page) to meet all of the requirements of the assignment. Your paper should demonstrate that you possess upper-division writing skills. Your writing should also display your thinking ability; the ability to understand and apply concepts, and generate insights. Naturally, you should proofread your paper for grammatical and syntactical errors. Your paper MUST be in APA format (title page, citing author’s works/websites whenever you refer to their words, ideas, or data, reference page, etc.). On Canvas I have attached an APA quick reference sheet that you MUST use for your paper (again, which saves you $30.00 by not having to buy the APA manual). The link is titled APA Quick Reference.

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