Should Ex Felons’ Gun Rights be Restored?


through the case study. You will be grade (in part) on how well you are able to perform the skills: 1. USE APA FORMAT AND CITE REFERENCES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2. Determine the problem/issue you are trying to bring light to. Make sure you remain open minded and objective and be aware of your own biases on the subject and put them aside. 3. Develop a hypothesis and/or possible solution to the problem/issue. Brainstorm other possible solutions. Think about pros and cons of the problem/issue. Gather information on the problem/issue that may support or contradict your position. 4. Analyze your facts. Don’t assume anything. Evaluate the facts objectively.

position.5. Determine a reasonable conclusion based on all the facts

  Make sure your facts (and the reporting of the facts) are accurate (use references and document).

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