Shift work and fatigue in relation to staff well-being, lead to health issues and Professional Performance and Safety

6000 words , havard referances with citation with a minimium of 6 and no more that 12 res

This paper must include a search strategy and data bases used.These will be preferable, 

Pubmed,proquest british medical journal and CINAHL. The journal reviewd will ne preferably uk or usa based..

The requirments for the final paper must be met in cluding methods and narrated of results.

The following pages describes the process that will need to employ to complete the reseach project.

The assignment requires you to cinduct a comprehensive review on the research question to healthcare professional including pre hospital paramedics

 Define your main topic question and then; define 3 or more sub questions that will allow you to answer/speak to the objective/question

Step 2 – Plan your review –

            eligibility criteria ( inclusion/exclusion) – critical appraisal process- etc)

 Step 3 – Conduct your search

            Using the content from step 1 & 2 – define and execute your search strategy – do not forget to include “grey literature”. –

 Step 4 – Screen the results to match your criteria in step 2

            Ensure that they meet your criteria (as set in Step 2).

            Ensure that you have a min of 6 and a max of 12 papers reviewed)

 Step 5 – Extract relevant data (note : narrative content is data too) from the studies you have screened and chosen

        Typically, you will garnish 500 – 1000 words from each of your selected papers

 Step 6 – Write it up !!! Step 1 – Define a review topic, objective and sub questions

The Introduction

What is the ‘research aim’?

Discussion on 6 to 12 reseach papers links to an external aite

Conclusions and recommendations for future reseach



Seacrch strategies

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