Shein vs. Zara Case Study

Case: Shein v/s Zara, 2021 (please only use the references and readings provided that are attached. No other outside sources can be used.) Developing Transnational Strategies Building Layers of Competitive Advantage Managing differences, Harvard Business Review, 2007 Case: Shein v/s Zara, 2021 1. Evaluate Shein’s competitive advantage, how has it grown rapidly? 2. How does Shein differ from Zara? 3. a) What are the key challenges Shein faces? B) How should it manage them? Assignment should include: 1. Application of reading concepts and frameworks to the case 2. Rigor of case analysis 3. Specific recommendations supported by well thought out arguments and financial evaluation 4. Quality, professionalism and clarity of writing and presentation Please keep in mind the following suggestions when writing: 1. Your analysis must address all three case questions (provided above) 2. Apply the theoretical concepts and frameworks from the readings associated with the session topic or as specified for the case (all references provided). 3. Cases should be evaluated based on the information in the case. Do not do research beyond the scope of the case. Your assignment is to make recommendations at the time the case ends. In making recommendations do not consider any events that occurred after the end of the case. 4. These assignments are limited to three pages of discussion (essay style, double spaced, 12 pt. font) and points will be deducted for not following guidelines. The case commentary should not be a summary of the case or a list of issues. In addition to the three pages of discussion, the inclusion of exhibits and tables is strongly recommended and permitted. Consider using tables (for e.g., showing advantages and disadvantages) and number crunching (where applicable) to support your discussion. You may use as many exhibits and tables as necessary, but they should be referred to in your three-page discussion. Note that exhibits cannot be essay style discussion. 5. Provide strong support for your recommendations. Make sure that your logic is clear and that your recommendations address the issues raised by the questions. The purpose of cases are to understand issues. There are no right answers, only good arguments and weak arguments supporting recommendations. 6. Write clearly. Grammar counts. Spelling counts. Writing style counts.  

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