Separating from the “world” Responses



The monastic movement was one expression of Christ’s directive to be “in the world but not of it.” Discuss other movements throughout the history of Christianity that took different approaches to this challenge. 


When I first started doing this week’s reading I was thinking to myself what is monasticism, I didn’t even know there was a word for this way of life. Monasticism is a way of living that’s religious, isolated from other people, and self-disciplined. In many religions, monks and nuns practice monasticism. I feel like monks more so than nuns practice this because the nuns I have been around don’t give up their worldly possessions and aren’t isolated. Monasticism is an extreme route to take, I’ve always thought that people who go into that life had to have some tragic happen in their life to decide to go that route. But my aunt did it and nothing really tragic happen to her.

Other movements that went against this Reconciliation which I am familiar with, having gone to a catholic school all my life. I always wanted to go in the confessional but if you weren’t catholic, they would not let you. And the Neoplatonic tendency to treat the created realm as only a shadow of ultimate realities that were located beyond the material realm nonetheless. I would prefer these two options over Monasticism, at least with these two you get to experience life to the fullest, and in the end, you can ask God for forgiveness for all the wrong that you may have done.


Monastic order is defined as a group of person living under a religious rule or order and it ”Was built a foundation of Scripture”. The “Turning Points” book says that “”The monastic way” included all who “Separated” from the world and followed a “rule” of discipline -women as well as men.” One example of it is Mother Teresa of Calcutta, founder of the Order of the Missionaries of Charity. Or Martin Luther King who “initiated his biblical study and theological reflections as an Augustinian monk.” Augustinian monk.” Augustinian monk are consecrated religious person and they pray the Liturgy of the Hours during the day. St. Thomas Aquinas was one of them too. The monk’s life is immersed on the Scriptures, they concentrated on the Bible.

Another movements throughout the history of Christianity in the West was the Tertullian, their view about the bible is that the “ One who sought reconciliation need to pass through distinct states”: penitence, mortification, merit and satisfaction. Also, Platonic or Manichaean all they moved to the same direction, their view of the ideal Christian life is “Passing from the ordinary, the material, and the terrestrial into the extraordinary, the spiritual, and the celestial. Most of the movements follows the shape for the monastic ideal of the chastity.

Benedict and His Rule was very influential among monastic movements, based on the general vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. The “Rule” is a long document about 80 large-printed pages, which even though is large is flexible, it can be adapted to any situation and necessity.

The Christendom the central religious convention that they have is that all human being needs to be saved and it is only through God’s grace. It keeps playing a big role in the Roman Catholic Church.

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