Self-Selected Math Problem – Final Project

PROBLEM 1/Prompt 

Congratulations! You have chosen your new job! With your new job come many new and exciting opportunities as well as a few problems. One such problem is the need to move all of your belongings to a new state. You own a mid-size sedan that can pull a small trailer. You must take with you all basic household items such as a bed, couch, table/desk, etc., as you will not have the funds in your budget to buy all new furnishings at your new location. Decide what you must bring, how you will fit it into the space you have, and any other issues you will face in making this exciting move.
III. Self-Selected Problem: Thus far you have shown your mastery of quantitative reasoning and problem solving using mathematical calculations as applied to financial contexts. For this section of your assessment, select a problem that you are currently facing that would benefit from mathematical or quantitative reasoning. If you are uncomfortable using a personal problem, select one from the Selected Problem Examples document. Explain the issue, the factors involved, and your plan for solving it, and explain the quantitative methodologies you used. 

A. Context: Explain the context of the problem. What is the problem? What factors are involved?

 B. Analysis: Break the problem down into its key pieces. Is this a multistep problem? Are there multiple considerations that will require different approaches?

C. Approach: Explain how you will approach each step or aspect of the situation to solve the problem. What process or method will you use and why? 

D. Implementation: Solve the problem. Perform any necessary calculations, showing your work and explaining your process.

 E. Results: Articulate a logical interpretation of the calculations you performed and the results of your solution approach. What do the results mean in relation to your particular problem? Discuss the results of the calculations. What do the results mean in terms of the overall situation?  

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