Self assessment- self development as a small business owner

For this assignment, you should take a self-assessment Indigo test using this link. (my result is attached in this instruction.)

 Once the test is taken, save the results and create an individual development plan as a small business manager based on the test results. Please, make sure to cover the following subjects: 

 1. Write the overall conclusion you have made based on your test; 

 2. Explain how you would develop as a small business manager (in your explanation, make sure to use the results of the test – you can quote the test and/or use screenshots). This section should contain at least two goals for your development as a small business manager; 

 3. Write at least three further steps to help you obtain the results. Briefly explain each of the steps.

Additional requirements: – Use at least two references (besides the test results) for your development plan. – At least five references to the test results are required – use the proper in-text citation for that. – Make sure to fit your development plan into three pages, excluding the title page, references page, and appendices.

Please use Critical reflection – Critical evaluation (questioning, examining more closely) students’ personal assumptions, habits, or values and their connection to the opinions or behaviours upon which the student is reflecting in light of other perspectives. The test results are fully used.

Demonstrates superior connection between test results, and a development plan; evidence of application of theory and reconstruction of perspective. References are fully used, and all the requirements are met. Describes short and long-term goals and how the goals support each other. Fully integrates a well-thought personal course plan with necessary skills and relevant resources and experiences available to support achieving success. Provides detailed information on how resources and experiences will develop specific skills and knowledge in the small business management field.

references list:

Walker, E., & Brown, A. (2004). What success factors are important to small business owners?. International small business journal, 22(6), 577-594.

Gilmore, A., Carson, D., & O’Donnell, A. (2004). Small business owner‐managers and their attitude to risk. Marketing Intelligence & Planning.

Frese, M., Van Gelderen, M., & Ombach, M. (2000). How to plan as a small scale business owner: Psychological process characteristics of action strategies and success. Journal of small business management, 38(2), 1.

Blackburn, R. A., Hart, M., & Wainwright, T. (2013). Small business performance: business, strategy and owner‐manager characteristics. Journal of small business and enterprise development. 

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