Security Comparison



Building on “security comparison chart”, and assuming you’re NOT part of any other pact/alliance, create a Hard Security group pact. This will be something similar to an alliance (like NATO). Your paper is also an attempt to lure in a “great power”. If your group already has a great power, lure in another one. The agreement needs to meet the following criteria: 

  • Outline what each of you contributes
  • Outline what you expect from the great power you’re luring. 
  • Needs to be very formal. Very detailed. 
  • Needs to clearly include these concepts, but NOT necessarily word-for-word.
    • State size
    • Punching above your weight
    • Global great power
    • Regional great power
    • Balance
    • Bandwagon
    • Monopoly of violence
    • Just War Theory
    • Securitization process (as of Copenhagen School)
    • Hard security
    • Soft security
    • WMD, MAD
  • Minimum 5 non-academic sources (they must be from Gov’t websites or Think Tanks). Yes, can be sources you previously used.
  • 300 words (double-space, just for ease of reading).
  • Needs to be VERY WELL proof-read.
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