script analysis paper

Script analysis of the play A Streetcar Named Desire by  Tennessee Williams. 

ACTION ANALYSIS (Chapter One) EXTERNAL EVENTS: Broken down by scene (keep it simple)SEED / Theme Internal Events relating to SEED following external events above THREE MAJOR CLIMAXES GIVEN CIRCUMSTANCES (Chapter Two) Time of Composition, Of Action, Dramatic Time PLACE: Geographic, Specific, Society, Economics, Politics and Law Learning and the Arts Spirituality BACKGROUND STORY (Chapter Three) Discuss and give examples of how the background story is revealed. (Historical/Modern/Minimalist Technique) EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL ACTION (Chapter 4) Choose two of the following: Blocking (from dialogue and stage direction) Properties Special Activities PROGRESSIONS AND STRUCTURE (Chapter 5) Full FRENCH SCENE BREAKDOWN for play in CHART formation (with minimum FS#/Page # / Characters ) CHARACTER (Chapter 6) Protaganist/Antagonist – Identify Identify all secondary characters and their relationships to primary 3 Values of all / 3 Personality Traits of all Discuss ROLE CONFLICTS within the characters (Minimum 2). IDEA – Chapter 7 Title (also names of characters) Discussions Aphorisms Choose 2 of the following: Allusions. Set Speeches. Imagery. Symbolism Discuss how idea is expressed through applicable: Narrator/Chorus/Raisonneur/Confidant/NormCharacter DIALOGUE – Chapter 8 Ideas expressed in words (Abstract/Concrete/Formal/Informal/Jargon/Slang) Sentences – Length/Type Punctuation – common use? Poetry? Dialect? Charm?


ONLY ACTORS fully developed You must pick one character (I have chosen Blanche) and do a full character analysis of this one character. All values, personality traits, etc. Full character analysis. Pick ANY character. Objectives per scene phrased as “I need ______ to_____ Actions (tactics) leading to that objective used in the scene Role conflicts between you and all other primary and secondary characters

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