scientific paper

Objective: For the student to use the internet to search for current research areas in physics and see a practical application of physics. Directions: Start your search with the sites listed below. Find an area of current physics research that interests you. Read about it. Take notes over it. Write a summary of the topic to include all of the following: What was your topic? How does the topic apply to science? How does it benefit the science community or how is the science used or applied in the real world? What did you learn about this topic? Include the web address that you used to write this report in its entirety. Also include at least three other physics websites that you visited. Your paper must be organized. (Intro, Body, Summary) You must type this paper. Internet Sites NASA homepage National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration American Physical Society Lunar and Planetary Institute Other?? This is not a comprehensive list, it is just a starting point to help you find a topic that you find interesting. 

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