sales salary vs commission

First Group Project: Analysis of Benefit Sales Packages for the Sales Force For the sales force, there are three alternatives when companies develop their benefit sales packages: 1- Low salary with high commission 2- Medium salary with medium commission 3- High salary with low commission Which alternative do you prefer? Please justify your position and the rational of your decision after discussing the pros and cons of each alternative. Also, give examples from two companies from each of the following industries: the manufacturing industry (e.g., automobile, air conditioning), service industry (e.g., airline, financial, banking, insurance), and retail industry (e.g., clothing, electronics). You should work on this project as a group of six students in the middle of the semester.
. Here are some guidelines pertaining to this research project: I am expecting to receive 12-15 double-spaced pages for this research project.
You should rely on both academic/ scholarly references (peer-reviewed articles, such as Journal of Marketing or Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management) and practitioner oriented references (like Wall Street Journal or Business Week, or Sales & Marketing Magazine), but mostly on scholarly/peer reviewed articles.
 At least ten references mostly scholarly articles are required (do not forget to check the scholarly or peer reviewed box when you search the library databases, including business source complete and ABI Inform Global). Be careful in using the web sites as references since anybody can publish anything whenever on the web. Do not use the web in your citations. Rely mostly on the scholarly references in your citations.
You need to use APA style for references citations at the end of the paper and to integrate the references inside the paper. You need a good organization for the paper, including headings and sub-headings (titles and sub-titles) inside the paper. You need to proofread your paper to be error-free. No Typos. No Grammar mistakes. No weak sentence structure. It is absolutely your responsibility to ensure the perfection of the paper. You need a specific project title, cover page, and table of content for this research project.

I am only doing option 2). Medium salary and medium commission. We need 4 sources and explain the benefits and disadvantages of this pay plan. First priority is Penfield library at oswego for the scholarly articles.

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