rhetorical analysis about Foreword: Defining Culture Renato I. Rosaldo


In this analytic paper, you will carry out a specific form of analysis called rhetorical analysis. In a rhetorical analysis, you look at how someone–either an author (rhetor) or speaker (orator) has built an argument of some sort. And, by argument, we don’t mean that they’re screaming at you and disagreeing with you. Rather, we mean an academic or reasoned argument, one in which they use evidence, reasoning, and logic to convince you of some sort of idea or proposition. Since we’ve only got a short time together, I’m providing you with the tools you need to complete this assignment. I’m teaching you all about rhetoric and argument. And, I’m providing you with options for the target text and with the starting lens texts. A target text is a text that you’ll be analyzing in your rhetorical analysis. You will pick one of the two texts listed above to analyze closely. The lens texts are the texts that give you tools with which to analyze a target text. So, you’ll need to read the target text and analyze how the author makes their argument, and evaluate its efficacy with its intended audience by using the lens texts.

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Must be 1200-1800 words of sustained and detailed analysis (double-spaced), plus references (mandatory) and any graphical elements (optional). Must utilize at least five sources, one of which must be the target text, which you chose from the options listed above, and one of which must be one of the lens texts (see above) The keywords below can help you find additional sources, or you can work Dr. Paiz to find your own. Keywords: Rhetorical analysis, Rhetorical appeals, Argument, Understanding Culture, Defining Culture, Analyzing Culture, Cultural Anthropology, Cultural Linguistics, The Rhetoric of Culture. Must closely follow APA format

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