Resume Enhancing Statements & Interview Prep


Now that we’re near the end of the course being able to translate what you’ve accomplished in this course through assignments, meetings, and learnings may come in handy for some of you as you prepare to start/advance your careers. In this assignment, I would like you to take some time to reflect on your contributions to the course and how this might help you in your current or future career.

Please note: This is an individual assignment, each student must create on their own. 


Resume Enhancing Statements

Create a written one-page (Word or PDF format) toolkit for this week’s assignment which includes the following:

Write at least 5 Resume Enhancing Statements that cover the work you and your group did . 

You can incorporate these statements on an already existing resume or include just the 10-statements on a separate document — which does not need to be formatted.

 Keep in mind you’ll want to be able to write about your competency and explain how five well-written resume “bullet points” that describe experience and/or proficiency in strategically communicating about your experience, output, and learnings in the course. Feel free to research online for some help and guidance. 

Interview Prep

Create/choose at least 4 interview questions (search online or make them up) and answer in writing using the Star Method. Answers do not need to be related to any specific job or criteria, but you are certainly welcome to choose specific jobs and criteria.

Once complete, you will have an updated resume or statements to consider adding to your resume and interview prep (relating to this class) to refer to in the future.

Star Method link:


Submit your as a Word or PDF format toolkit following the instructions above. Submit the sections as 1 doc or separate.

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