Research Report


Use the following overview to help guide your writing for the final analytical report:

  1. Clearly define your focus within your chosen topic and the problem you are attempting to solve.
  2. Describe the impact of the issue.
    1. Address the economic, health, or social effects.
    2. Consider the perspectives of all affected audiences.
    3. Quantify the effects by the statistics from your research.
  3. Analyze your data and draw conclusions based on the research you have conducted.
  4. Identify possible solutions or actions to take.
    1. Include a brief evaluation of the pros and cons of each.
  5. Select best option(s) for solutions.
    1. Explain your reasoning.

 Some sources need to come from attached files that are previous research 

Your report must include the following sections.

a. Title page with the following information:

1. Name of the report

2. Who the report is presented to (your instructor’s name, title,

and organization)

3. Who wrote the report (your name)

4. Date of submission

b. Executive summary:

1. Write approximately 1 page to provide an overview of the

problem, your research, and your conclusions and


2. The reader should understand all key points from reading the


c. Introduction that includes the following four sections:

1. Problem or purpose ‒ explain your report topic and the

problem you are addressing

2. Significance ‒ explain why the topic is important

3. Scope ‒ tell what is included and what is excluded in the report

4. Methodology ‒ briefly describe the research sources used and

how you obtained your information

d. Body with findings:

1. The body/findings is the principal section of the report. In it, you

will discuss, analyze, interpret, and evaluate the research

findings and solutions.

2. Be sure to use headings for each major section of the body.

3. Include the graphs you created for Lesson 11 either here or in

the Appendices section.

e. Analysis/Conclusion:

1. In this section, you will provide a summary of your conclusions

based on your research and explain your reasoning for your


2. Support your analysis with the research from your Body section.

f. Recommendations:

1. Discuss at least two possible solutions for the issue you


2. Explain why you would recommend these solutions based on

your research.

g. Appendices-Optional:

1. This section is optional but can be used for graphs and tables

not included in the body of the report.

2. If used, be sure to refer to the section in the body of your


h. References:

1. Your references should be on a separate page and include all

references cited in the report in the 7th edition of APA format.

2. All sources listed here must have a corresponding in-text

citation within the body of your report to show where the

information was used.

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