Research Paper of Article. Global Supply Chain Management. File with article is uploaded as well as thorough instructions. Absolutely no plagairism

This paper should be 3-4 pages long, not including references. The article on demand and supply integration posted  discusses a number of techniques involving internal and external collaboration that are available to companies Select one of the specific methods (for example, S&OP, VMI, or CPFR) and do some research on it (make very sure that whatever research you do is properly cited in APA style and that you do not copy/paste from any Internet sources!). Cover the following topics in paragraph form: 1) Why you were interested in the method, and what companies are using it. 2) What the main purpose is behind the method. 3) What the main activities are within the method, which company function(s) perform(s) each activity, and why these activities are important to the method’s success. 4) What benefits companies are receiving from the method? 

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