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Choose one of these topics You will cover quite a bit of workplace safety and health information in this course, from where and how it started, to causes, workers’ compensation, and various OSHA requirements and procedures. Although the course is just starting, now is the time to get an idea of what you want your written assignment to be about. If you want a grade for your draft, it must be submitted in Module 04. Please follow the rubric in the Module and under Course Resources. The draft is worth 50 points and can be in the form of an outline, the beginning of each paragraph, the entire paper, or any form approved by your instructor. A stipulation is that the draft must contain at least four (4) references; your textbook can be one. Given this information, it is strongly advised that you begin working on it now.

Step 1: Choose from one of the following topics:

1. Step 1: Choose from one of the following topics:

 2. Describe how the cost of workplace injuries and illnesses affect employers, employees and the entire healthcare system? 

3. Name and discuss how at least three accident causation theories apply to administrative responsibilities. 

4. Evaluate problems with OSHA and describe how you would correct them. 

5. Relate legal and ethical issues pertaining to OSHA and the treatment of injured or ill employees.

 6. Assess the benefits and problems with workers’ compensation to employees and employers. 

7. Describe accident investigation mistakes and how to correct them.

 8. Defend and refute how technology in the workplace contributes to musculoskeletal disorders. 

9. Discuss the rationale for establishing OSHA’s Ergonomics Standard into law and the rationale not to have it established into law. 

10. Evaluate the relationship between stress and workers’ compensation. 

11. Defend and criticize the use of lockout/tagout for employees and employers.

 12. Defend and criticize the use of machine guarding for employees and employers. 

13. Defend and criticize the use of PPE for employees and employers. 

Step 3: Your final written assignment requirements:

1. Format: For assistance writing your paper, please contact your local campus writing center, library, or Your report should contain:

 a. Introduction

 i.What is the topic and what are issues with it? 

b. Body

 i. Discuss topic including pros and cons, if applicable, and findings from your research as well as your thoughts and opinions with supportive research. 

ii. Recommend changes and describe how those changes would improve the issue/topic. 

iii. Discuss OSHA Standards.

 c. Conclusion

 i. Provide a brief overview of your paper and your conclusion after completing the research. 

d. Works Cited Page

 i. Provide at least four references in APA format. 

3. Your paper should be 3 to 5 pages in length, not including the Cover Page and Works Cited page, double-spaced, using Times New Roman or Arial size 12 font with 1” margins all around and in APA format.

 4. You must include in-text citations in APA format. If you are uncertain as to APA formatting, refer to (a link is in the course menu) or Purdue OWL.

 5. Include a cover page and an APA formatted Works Cited page with at least four references; your textbook can be one. Submit your paper in Module 08. 

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