Research Essay

Your essay must:

• Be typed in Times New Roman 12-inch font, double spaced and with 1-inch margins.

• Have an introduction and conclusion.

• Have a title page, with your name, student number, date, and course code.

• Contain in-text citations where appropriate as well as a references page in APA style reference

formatting (do not email the Professor or TA asking how to cite an academic source. Please

consult the APA guide)

• Use supportive evidence (from at least 6 scholarly sources) including course readings and formal

sources such as peer reviewed journal articles which are preferable as they are of higher quality.

• Films, class lectures and guest speakers are excluded sources.

• Be approximately 6 pages of text (not including the title page and the references page)

Task: Research and critically examine one rehabilitative intervention program utilized with a segment of the prison population. In doing so, you are to provide a detailed description of the program itself and using supportive evidence, address the following questions:

• What issue(s) does the program attempt to address?

• For whom is the program intended for?

• What theory(ies) underlie the program?

• What are the strengths of the program?

• What is the socio-political context surrounding this program?

• What are the weaknesses of the program?

• Is the program effective?

• Reflecting on the knowledge you have acquired throughout CRM 2315 do you feel that this

program works? If yes, why? If no, why not?

Please note:

• Specific programs that we have already covered at length in class are not permitted (i.e., COSA)

• You are not limited to the Canadian context (i.e., you can choose an intervention program utilized

in another country).

• Marks are awarded for overall style, flow, grammar, spelling, and citations, so please proofread

your work.

• Be sure to use language and concepts with precision.

• This is an exam, therefore questions regarding content are not permitted.

• Do not use sub-titles/headings.

• The program can be prison/jail or community based for persons under supervision or whom were

formerly incarcerated.

• You may look at a therapeutic program for families or children of prisoners /ex-prisoners.

• 2 of your minimum 6 sources can be from formal agency websites (i.e., government or not-for

profit organizations).

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